Discover the Lifesaving Impact Your Gift Has on LGBTQ Youth

The Trevor Project is dedicated to innovating our services so that we can continue to support the growing number of youth who need our help through calls, chats, texts, and our online community. Your gift helps make continued innovation and expansion of our services possible.


Youth Positively Impacted in 2016

Trevor Lifeline, TrevorText, TrevorChat,, education & outreach


Lifeline Calls Answered Per Year

3.1% increase in Lifeline calls & a 6.5% increase in crisis calls between 2014-2015

New Lifeline Technologies

With the help of a grant from the MacFarlane Foundation, we were able to update our call center with a new cloud-based queue system so that we could prioritize high-risk callers and increase functionality. This allowed us to continue to answer our high volume of calls, with the most efficiency.


Members of TrevorSpace & Counting

With a 28% increase in members between 2014-2015.

TrevorSpace Support Platform Implementation

As a confidential online peer-to-peer support system, continues to grow and be a safe online space forLGBTQ youth. With our upcoming relaunch, we gathered members’ feedback, which helped us rebuild and strengthen thisglobal resource even more.


Chats & Texts Answered Per Year

16% increase in TrevorTexts, 23.5% increase in TrevorChats between 2014-2015

Refinement of TrevorChat & TrevorText Platforms

Young people are reaching out for help over TrevorChat and TrevorText more than ever before. This growth illustrates the importance of these innovative digital communication programs, and reminds us that in a tech-driven society, The Trevor Project must make sure that we are able to answer youth in need in any way they reach out to us.

13, South Dakota

TrevorText Youth

“When I had almost lost all hope, you listened. You helped save me.”

- 13, South Dakota
15, Virginia

Trevor Lifeline Caller

"The day I called changed my life forever. Thank you for what you did for me, for what you do for all LGBTQ youth, and for what you’re doing for the world. You all are my heroes."

- 15, Virginia
17, Georgia

TrevorChat Youth

"Today I decided it's OK to be who I am. You helped me realize that.”

- 17, Georgia
14, Colorado

Trevor Lifeline Caller

“I'm not afraid to be myself anymore. I'm so glad I called.”

- 14, Colorado
19, North Carolina

TrevorChat Youth

“I reached out today because I really needed someone who knew exactly what I was going through and wasn’t going to judge me.”

- 19, North Carolina

The Powerful Impact of Your Gift


Crisis counseling for up to 50 youth,
100 hours of 24/7 lifeline counseling or
1 week of TrevorChat service


Crisis counseling for up to 100 youth,
1 week of 24/7 lifeline counseling or
2 week of TrevorChat service


Crisis counseling for up to 200 youth,
2 weeks of 24/7 lifeline counseling or
1 month of TrevorChat service


Crisis counseling for up to 400 youth,
1 month of 24/7 lifeline counseling or
2 months of TrevorChat service


Crisis counseling for up to 1,000 youth, 3 months of 24/7 lifeline counseling or 6 months of TrevorChat service


Our longstanding monthly community. Members demonstrate the importance of a vibrant support network.


$100+/month or $1,200+/year

Our premier annual or monthly program. Members are our behind-the-scenes stars. Gifts are prioritized for crisis services.


Estate and Planned Gifts

Impact Circle Legacy members make a lasting, loving impact by ensuring support for future generations of LGBTQ youth.